PVC parallel doors AJM 5000

PVC parallel doors AJM 5000
Classic and affordable parallel doors made of PVC-profile AJM 5000 with optimal construction for classical buildings and for renovation of apartments.

The parallel doors AJM 5000 have a modern appearance, rounded "soft line" lines and are made of technologically perfected 5-chamber profiles AJM 5000.
They are an ideal solution for classical insulated objects and suitable for renovation of apartments. With the proper choice of glass they completely satisfy the needs of energetic more demanding objects. Because of the listed broadly-useful properties this profile always perfectly meets the needs of individual customers, as well as those of builders and architects.

The advantages and features of the profile AJM 5000:
• Door frame width: 168 mm,
• Easy controllability: the wing slides along the wing, without deviations
• Doors with minimal doorstep for easier crossing
• Possible are extraordinary large sizes, all to 6 m width

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