The AJM winter gardens will bring a piece of paradise into your home, because they represent with their favourable climate an extremely advantageous and with this favourite living space.

A winter garden can be both, an exterior as well as interior living space. It is a covered space with a favourable microclimate. It protects us against rain, wind, snow, cold and sun, making it comfortable all year long.
The AJM winter garden is a unique product and for this reason we consider the wishes of the future user and the architectural features of the facility in which it is bound already in the starting designing phase. Winter gardens are a special part of living spaces, where we spend more time, so we need to think about a number of factors: proper shading, cooling, heating, ventilation, etc.. We are a leading manufacturer of winter gardens in this part of Europe.

You can choose between following profiles of AJM winter gardens:
• AJM 8000 ekskluziv made of 8-chamber profiles with Uw = 0,95 W/m²K
• AJM 5000 made of 5-chmaber profile with Uw = 1,28 W/m²K

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